305A. Create and share interactive content with H5P

H5P is a free and open-source interactive HTML5 content creation tool. It is used by instructional designers and educators to create interactive content and enhance the learning experience. The open-source nature of H5P makes it easy to move content between platforms, as well as edit, translate, remix and do other types of repurposing.

H5P can be connected to existing publishing systems such as Moodle or Google Sites. It can thus allow users of these systems to create quizzes, interactive videos, as well as drag and drop activities. H5P makes it easy to create and share content, with a great user experience for both the content consumers and the creators.

Unlike many interactive content development tools, H5P allows teachers to produce engaging resources without the need for educational technologists. H5P may seem simplistic at first glance, but the impact on learning and teaching runs deep.

This presentation will be an introduction to H5P content types and demonstrate the integration possibilities into Moodle and Google Sites.

Tami Belhadj, M.Ed., Ph.D.

Tami Belhadj is a techno-educational consultant, promoting authentic and experiential teaching/learning supported by educational technologies, in a multimodal environment. Open education practitioner, open source software user and convinced of the importance of sharing open educational resources accessible through digital learning environments. Strong believer in enhancing learner pathways and supporting academic/vocational successes by integrating educational technology in the teaching/learning process.