JPNFP - 2023

207 A – Success stories in RAC, it’s possible when the candidate is at the heart of our actions!


RAC offers experienced candidates a personnalised path to obtaining a diploma more rapidly, taking into account the competencies that they have already acquired. Based on real life success stories, this workshop will present the best practices and strategies to promote the perserverance of candidates to reach the goal of graduation.


Function : CERAC Counsellor in Vocational Training

May Nguyen’s journey in the world of education began with childhood education. Combining her academic background in linguistics with that of early childhood education, May found herself immersed in the cognitive development of children and their language faculties. Working both in daycares, and lecturing in various adult colleges, her professional experiences brought her to her current position as a CERAC expert in vocational training, for the Lester B. Pearson School Board. She presently serves and supports the 9 English School Boards, as well as the Kativik and Cree School Boards, in all matters related to the Recognition of Acquired Competencies.