JPNFP - 2023

208 A  – The 5 W’s of Innovative Ped Projects Funding! Everything you always wanted to know but were unable to find…


Ready to discover how to apply for a MEQ grant and to maximize your chances of being selected? Explore the different projects available, and be prepared to answer the following questions : What? Why? Where? Who? When?  Lots of information that will make you embark on a new trail-blazer adventure!


Trained as a chef and food services administrator, Denise Giguère has been teacher, pedagogical consultant and curriculum leader for various institutions working at the secondary, college and university levels. Over the years she has developed a pointed expertise in all phases of curriculum development as well as in the theory of evaluation of competencies and the production of evaluation tools. She is currently mentoring new teachers and is adept at introducing digital learning resources, tools, tips and tricks, not only in the classrooms but also in the labs. Since 2019, her work has led Denise to work as a project manager and instructional designer of online programs, thanks to ministerial budget measures!