JPNFP - 2023

608 A – Projet REN: a team to develop an accessibility project to promote success!


Implementing digital educational resources (DER) that promote accessibility brings its own set of challenges! In this workshop, come and discover the steps and collaborations behind their implementation in VT-AGE, and contribute to a collective reflection on the impact of DER on learning and teaching experiences in the adult sector. *DER, digital education ressources = REN, ressources éducatives numériques

BISSON, Johanna

Function : Johanna Bisson Inf. M.Ed., Assistant Director Pedagogical Services / Continuing Education

Johanna has been involved with the JPNFP since 2012 through workshop presentations and as a member of the Comité organisateur JPNFP. She holds a master’s degree in education and has a variety of knowledge and experience in education and nursing.


Maude Danis Coulombe is a creative, committed and slightly too geek administrator. She holds a Master’s degree in “Gestion de la formation” from Université Sherbrooke and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.  Her atypical career path has brought her into the local organization, where she worked as a professional development consultant, the business world through her experience as a business consultant, and the school environment, where she has been involved for over 5 years as a general adult education administrator.  She is passionate about organizational transformations, as well as the resources, human and structural challenges associated with it.  Digital action plan and innovative projects are at the heart of her practice, one small step at a time.